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Mercury Heating is an industry professional in refrigerated cooling. Melbourne residents rest assured that your air-conditioning needs will be taken care of by an experienced team of heating and cooling experts.

Chill out this summer with refrigerated cooling

Melbourne residents will be cool in their homes this summer with our quality systems. Refrigerated cooling works exactly as the name implies – it acts as a ‘refrigerator’ for your home or office, allowing you to set any temperature you desire.

Versatile climate control

Refrigerated cooling gives Melbourne residents dehumidified, temperature controlled, recirculated warmth and chilled air throughout the whole house or just to one room. This versatile system can be ducted through ceiling or floor, be mounted on a high wall, stand on a floor, be suspended from a ceiling or cut into the ceiling plaster.

Breathe easy

Keep cool this summer with quality products from Mercury Heating. Some of the benefits that you can see from your new refrigerated cooling systeminclude:

  • Allergy and Asthma Relief

    Due to our systems acting as dehumidifiers, the moisture-less air allows allergy and asthma sufferers to remain un-triggered by moist air.

  • Air Purifying System

    Systems are fitted with a filter which filters out bacteria and pollutants allowing you to breathe much cleaner and fresher air.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The capacity of an inverter air conditioner will alter depending on the requirements made; using less energy and saving on your electricity bills.

  • Comfort

    An inverter air conditioner is a more powerful and faster system, resulting in the required temperature being reached as quickly as possible. It then operates in such a way that the desired temperature is maintained – creating comfort in your home.

Save 30 – 78% on your energy bills

The system requires the doors and windows to be closed as it recycles the air from inside the room to maintain a consistent temperature. It is best to draw your curtains, blinds or awnings.

Quality Service Consultants

Our experienced consultants will take the time to sit down with you for a full consultation to ensure that we fully understand your needs. For refrigerated cooling, Melbourne locals need only call 1300 13 53 43 to speak to a professional.

Other qualities offered by Mercury Heating include:

  • Our extensive experience guarantees you the right advice

  • We have the highest quality product and installation services

  • Free no obligation onsite consultation and quote

Other Quality products for your home

Mercury Heating offers the following types of cooling systems for your home, office or building:

  • Evaporative Cooling

    This works by running water over special "Celdek Filter Pads" and then drawing large volumes of air through the wet pads into your home.

  • Add on Systems

    This is a system is added on to a ducted heating system (in ceiling or under floor) that provides both air conditioning and gas heating through the same ducts and outlets.

  • Wall split

    This is designed to cool and heat a single area. There are different size systems for different size areas.

  • Ducted split

    This unit is designed to cool and heat multiple areas. There are different sizes for different size areas.

To do business with industry experts in refrigerated cooling, Melbourne residents look no further than Mercury Heating. Contact us today!